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We are dedicated to preserving and conserving the
history of Inlet Beach through responsible development.

Inlet Beach is named after Phillips Inlet at Lake Powell.  In the mid 20th century the area was known as Soldiers Beach as land was given to veterans returning from World War II via a lottery system.  Soldiers could buy 1.25 acres of land for $50 if they agreed to build a small house. Only a few of these houses remain today. While the quaint nature of days gone by is mostly gone we are dedicated to responsible future development.

Statement of Purpose

The purposes of this Association shall be: to bring to light and disseminate important information impacting the neighborhood; to be especially concerned about preserving the local environment, especially our beaches, dunes, scrub oak and pine, the purity and sufficiency of the fragile aquifer upon which Inlet Beach depends for drinking water, and finally concern for all plants and animals native to our unique environment; and to provide a springboard for action with respect to representing the best interests of our Inlet Beach neighborhood--within the South Walton Community Council, Walton County, the State of Florida and the United States Government in whatever forums as may be appropriate.

- Historic Inlet Beach Neighborhood Association -

Inlet Beach Pier

Find out about our organization, mission, our methods, and the results of our decades of advocacy.

Couple sitting on a log on Inlet Beach in front of a bicycle a Bicycle

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